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As government's trusted partner, STS understands that complex solutions require more than just technology. That's why you will find that we invest our internal resources in ensuring that our people, from the most mundane task to the most sophisticated professional support operation, are fully trained and primed to deliver above and beyond the call of duty. We've earned our professional reputation and never take it for granted.

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STS utilizes the following business and enterprise tools for information sharing, logistics management, program management, and training: Maximo, COLTS, Sharepoint, Cognos, Database Architecture, Cloud-Based Services, and Costpoint.

  • Maximo, COLTS – Maximo-Maximo Asset Management by IBM combines asset management with maintenance management. From a single system, companies can monitor and manage the full lifecycle of their enterprise assets, including facilities, communications, transportation, production, infrastructure and more. COLTS-With its unique integration of supply chain, maintenance management, repair, operations, and configuration tracking features, COLTS gives businesses, military, and government organizations total asset visibility throughout the equipment lifecycle.

  • Cognos – STS utilizes Cognos to optimize our client’s operational efficiency. Cognos is an IBM Software suite designed to provide business intelligence and performance management. Cognos enables personnel in large enterprises to extract and analyze corporate data for reporting that allows better, more informed decision-making. The suite is composed of more than a dozen separate products, which were built on open standards to allow them to communicate with various third-party technologies, from multidimensional and relational databases to enterprise-grade software such as SAP and Oracle.

  • Database Architectures – With the current environment of computing involving an ever-increasing variety of data with far greater volume, velocity, and variety than ever before it more critical than ever to have well-structured data. Without this in mind, many legacy systems do not always conform to modern needs for business analytics. STS can assist its clients to develop a unified information architecture and the establishment of an enterprise data warehouse.  Our approach empowers organizations to all types of data, as situations demand, to quickly satisfy new and emerging business demands.

  • Cloud-Based Services – STS has developed a secure IT infrastructure that provides cloud-based services to support our client’s mission. Cloud-Based Services include applications, services or resources made available to users on demand via the Internet. Cloud-based computing increases capacity, enhance functionality or add services on demand without having to commit to potentially expensive infrastructure costs or increase/train existing in-house support staff.

STS utilizes a range of business tools and supporting technology to collect and analyze data to ensure informed decision making. We believe in letting the data do the talking which is why our business analytics and consulting services coalesce to mitigate risks and increase operational efficiency in all areas of your business.

Business Process Management is how STS does business within our own organization. The same principles of BPM that guide our organization serve as the foundation for ensuring our client’s success as well, no matter what the mission.  Business Process Management encompasses how we monitor business processes to ensure they run smoothly and can be improved over time with the overarching goal of achieving the desired outcome.

STS’ current program management structure and procedures have successfully supported operations and administrative requirements within the United States and 17 different foreign countries in support of five Combatant Commands and over six time zones.

  • Workflow Optimization – Rethinking workflows is vital to the incorporation of new technologies and optimizing program management. With inefficient workflows, things take longer and cost more to get done. That is why STS offers workflow optimization to reduce costs and provide better services for our clients.

  • Financial Management and Control – STS utilizes advanced, integrated solutions to support financial management and control for every project and program engagement. Our customers rely on our expertise and innovative cost solutions for superior financial management to ensure mission success.

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The proof is in our consistent performance over two decades of engineering excellence. At STS we know it's not about us, it's about our trusted clients and their demanding operations and missions.

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