Effective engineering is about the alignment of excellence in technology, people, resources, and business processes coming together to achieve success. With 25 years of proven experience in engineering and integration solutions, STS knows how to make it happen. Our in-house engineering services and integrated solutions capabilities enable STS to offer a customer-driven, tailored approach to our customers’ engineering service’s needs. Each customer receives a personalized solution that focuses on its unique requirements and needs rather than the complexities and risks of managing multiple vendor integration efforts.

We have manufacturing facilities, relationships with OEMs, and a deep bench of subject matter experts that allows us to rapidly scale engineering efforts of various scope and size. Our Agile Engineering approach uses model-based systems engineering (MBSE) coupled with risk-based “iterative cycles” to quickly deliver low-risk solutions. We can build in additional functionality and capability, as budgets and schedules allow. Our engineering services and integrated solutions maximize best value, mitigate risks, and optimize operational efficiency. That's how we make our customers successful. That's how we enable mission success.

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STS’ breadth and depth of expertise in engineering allows us to provide engineering support services to a wide range of small to large complex government and commercial projects.

  • Products: STS has developed a variety of products over the past 27 years. Our latest product innovation is DragonFly™...a Fly-Away Kit for Missions at the Edge.
    • DragonFly™ is a cloud-level processing platform designed to leverage advanced software programs for missions at the edge. Please view our product sheet here.
  • Systems Engineering Services: On-site or off-site systems engineering support services to include: Model-Based Systems Engineering; agile systems engineering; cross-functional systems engineering team management; systems engineering management; requirements management; configuration management; test and evaluation management; prototyping and manufacturing management; reliability management; sustainability management; security (including cyber) management; and risk management.
  • Engineering Disciplines:
    • Software Engineering and Application Development – Develop and execute on software and application transformation strategies to modernize and transform your software applications while reducing costs and minimizing risks.
    • Mechanical Engineering – Product mechanical requirements analysis through design, prototyping, and manufacturing. This discipline includes finite state elements.
  • Advanced RDT&E and Concept Development – STS provides services in Advanced RDT&E/Concept Development to meet the needs of each client and their mission, to include: discovery, development and integration of state-of-the-art technologies, pre-production/low-rate production prototyping, application of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities, advanced edge analytics and computing device creation and integration, smart power system management development, optics and intelligent computer vision capabilities integration, remote and autonomous controlled capabilities integration, 2 D and 3 D passive and active optics and RF capabilities integration, block chain technology integration, developmental and operational test and evaluation, distributed platform integration, and build-to-print designs and product optimization.

Today, integration of systems, products, and programs is essential to optimize organizational performance and provide value unique to each client’s needs. STS provides systems, product, and program integration services to maximize value to our client’s specific requirements and mission.  We also provide capabilities in platform integration, sensor integration, and data fusion.

  • Systems Distributed Platform Integration – STS has experience developing systems of systems and wirelessly distributed, and virtual platform and network integration solutions to allow information sharing and management between partners, processes, and systems while minimizing size, weight, power and cost (SWAPc).
  • Sensor Integration, Data Fusion, and Intelligent Edge and Cloud Analytics – STS has expertise in the appropriate integration of multiple sensors and utilizing the resulting optimum data sets through data fusion to provide an efficient end operationally valuable approach for military systems and command and control.

Our Engineering Support Services combine experience with expertise to provide end-to-end cross-functional team engineering solutions for our clients. Specifically, our Engineering Support Capabilities include:

  • Software Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Electrical Power Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Communications Engineering
  • Cyber Security Engineering
  • Force Protection & Physical Security Engineering
  • Biometric Security Engineering
  • Obsolescence Engineering
  • Communications Engineering

STS provides Fabrication, Assembly, Test, and Delivery of Complex Surveillance and Force Protection Solutions. We have facilities in both Florida and West Virginia Offices and Field Test Ranges and Facilities Allow Controlled and Uncontrolled “Burn-in” Testing.

  • Prototyping, Testing, R&D – From proof of concept models to testing your idea through to iterations designed to communicate your ideas, validate the design, obtain certification, use in customer trials, sales and marketing and to validate the manufacturing process, a broad range of prototypes will typically be created.

  • Fabrication, Assembly, and Test Delivery – Design for manufacturability (DFM) is the process of proactively designing products to (1) optimize all the manufacturing functions: fabrication, assembly, test, procurement, shipping, delivery, service, and repair, and (2) assure the best cost, quality, reliability, regulatory compliance, safety, time-to-market, and customer satisfaction.

  • Build-to-Print Manufacturing and Assembly – STS also provides Build-to-Print Manufacturing and Assembly which is a process in which a manufacturer produces products, equipment, or components according to the customer’s exact specifications. Typically, an engineer provides drawings and the manufacturer is responsible for producing the part or piece of equipment to spec, using the correct materials.

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The proof is in our consistent performance over two decades of engineering excellence. At STS we know it's not about us, it's about our trusted clients and their demanding operations and missions.

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