Arlington, VA – (January 21, 2020) – STS International proudly announces our support of an Olympic athlete on her mission to qualify for the 2020 Olympic Summer Games in Tokyo, Japan.  Farrah Hall is both an experienced athlete and coach in the sport of Olympic Windsurfing, which falls under the discipline of Sailing.

“Windsurfing has been a lifelong, personal passion of my own and we are excited to be a part of Farrah’s journey to the Summer Olympics. Like STS, Farrah is “Mission-Driven” to get to the Olympics and represent her country. She is an amazing athlete and we, at STS, share in her same values of passion, dedication, and commitment to success,” says Doug Morgan, Vice President of STS International.

2020 Hempel World Cup Series Miami © Pedro Martinez / Sailing Energy 21 January, 2020.


As an ambassador for STS International and the United States of America, Farrah would like to bring you closer to the Olympic dream and the real-life experiences of athletes. STS is now a participant in the Olympic movement and spirit, and Farrah is grateful for the opportunity to represent STS in the international sports arena. Keep up with Farrah at, or find her @Farrahstyle on Facebook.

STS’ mission is exemplified in the patriotic values of Olympic athletes in their quests to represent the United States at an Olympic Games.  The continual striving for excellence, the struggle to be the best we can be, and the spirit of friendship, solidarity, and good sportsmanship are values we all seek to create in our daily lives.

About Farrah Hall

Farrah’s hometown is Annapolis, Maryland, and her journey has taken her worldwide for competing, training, and coaching Olympic windsurfing. Farrah’s next step toward qualifying for Tokyo is a strong finish at the Miami Sailing World Cup, beginning Monday, January 20.  Immediately afterwards, she will fly to Australia to participate in the final qualifier, the 2020 World Championships in Melbourne, Australia (held at Sorrento beach).   These two events will conclude the individual qualification for the 2020 Olympic Games.

Olympic sailors must qualify both their country and one individual for the Olympics. For the USA’s spot in the Olympic windsurfing event, both the men and women qualified at the 2019 World Championships at Lake Garda, Italy. The individual selection can often be much tougher, because only one athlete from each country can participate at an Olympics. An athlete is usually selected by their winning score over a series of international events chosen by US Sailing, the sport’s governing body.

Although Farrah’s sport is not well-known, windsurfing has been an Olympic sport since 1984, when it debuted in Los Angeles. The Olympic discipline is course racing, similar to sailboat racing.  A fleet of boards will start at the same time, and race around a marked course in what could be described as a chess match between the athlete, other competitors, and the wind shifts and weather conditions of the day.  Boards are scored in order of finish, with lowest points (best finishes) winning across a series of races.  A competition, or regatta, will last five days with three races typically held each day.  All competitors sail on the same equipment, so racing is fair.  Racing is very physical, with competitors requiring endurance, fitness, strength, and agility.

Over the four years of each Olympic campaign, sailors must train and compete full-time to keep up with other international athletes, qualify for top-level events, and maintain a place on their national team.  In addition to this duty, Olympic sailors, and all Olympic athletes, are considered ambassadors for their countries and must uphold the values inherent in this mission.

About STS

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