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Modeling and Simulation


  • Computer-Based Instructional Development
  • Interactive Multimedia and Instruction
  • ISD Process & Training Management
  • Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETPs)
  • Training Support Packages (TSPs)


  • US Army Research Development & Engineering Command (RDECOM) Simulation Training Technology (STTC)
  • US Army Medical Command
  • Navy Medicine Educational & Training Command
  • Navy Undersea Warfare Center
  • Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO)


Mobile Readiness Trainer (MRT) STS worked with the US Army RDECOM STTC to design, deliver, and sustain a Mobile Readiness Trainer (MRT) [aka Combat Medical Basic and Advanced Tactical Trainer (CoMBATT)]. The MRT is a stand-alone, self-powered, trailer-based mobile training facility providing individual command & control nodes with high-fidelity surveillance towers that are used to capture the entire simulated training event. STS utilized wireless patient simulators (manikins) and battlefield special effects to create realistic combat medical trauma scenarios, while video monitoring allowed for an After Action Review (AAR). STS delivered the MRT to the US Army Medical Department (AMEDD) Brigade Combat Team Trauma Training (BCT3) unit and has provided continuous, integrated team sustainment support for the MRT. In addition, STS has installed and integrated their MRT into multiple US Army Medical Simulation Training Centers (MSTC). 

Outpost Surveillance System (OSS)/Universal Biometrics Translator (UBT) STS managed two rapid development and fielding initiatives for USASOC’s Special Forces Groups (SFG) through the design, development, testing, demonstration, production, delivery, and training of personnel for a family of reconnaissance and surveillance systems comprising the OSS; and, the UBT system which exchanges biometric and biographic-related data collected by a variety of the most common handheld biometric collection devices. STS was responsible for all training for Modeling and Simulation services on these systems. STS also developed computer-based combat modeling and simulation scenarios for training SOF operators on the OSS and UBT systems at multiple stateside military bases.