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Instructional Design


  • Computer-Based Instructional Development
  • Interactive Multimedia and Instruction
  • ISD Process & Training Management
  • Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETPs)
  • Training Support Packages (TSPs)


  • US Army Medical Command
  • US Army Research Development & Engineering Command (RDECOM) Simulation Training Technology Center (STTC)
  • Navy Medicine Educational & Training Command (NMETC)
  • Navy Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC)
  • USCG – Sector St. Petersburg


Virtual Interactive Training and Assessment System (VITAS) STS developed a multimedia, computer-based instructional, medical simulation and training system for the US Army MEDCOM basic Combat Medical Training course called VITAS. VITAS is a software package designed to allow emergency medical providers to participate in real-time, fully-interactive simulations. VITAS unique features include a self-paced learning mode, diagnostic feedback, intelligent tutoring, user performance tracking and measurement. VITAS is an exceptional Instructional design training tool that was adapted for use on several platforms by RDECOM STTC, NMETC, NUWC, and the USCG.