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Lifestyle Logistics & Sustainment Support


  • Refining product support requirements
  • Product support strategy
  • Designing for supportability
  • Identification and establishment of a support system
  • Life cycle costs minimization
  • Deploy system and support infrastructure
  • Life Cycle Sustainment Plan maintenance
  • Maintain readiness improve sustainability
  • Provide the support to the user; Improve the system and its suppor
  • Obsolescence mitigation; Support system retirement and disposal


  • Joint Project Manager, Guardian
  • US Army Product Manager Improvised Explosive Device Defeat / Protector Force (PdM IEDD/PF)


JPDM CBRNE A&RS Under PM Guardian, STS provides a full lifecycle logistics and sustainment support system for 270 ECP/NIIS systems that includes procurement, inventory management and control, engineering support, all computer software and hardware, equipment installations, integration, test and evaluation, inspections, evaluations, electronics and safety systems, hydraulic systems, maintenance and repair, refurbishment and re-installation of systems, and platform vehicles.  

Improved Explosive Device Defeat / Protector Force (IEDD/PF) STS provided lifecycle logistics and sustainment support to Counter-IED (C-IED) equipment and systems. STS conducted C-IED equipment installation/de-installation, integration, upgrade, enhancement, system engineering, software engineering, testing, user evaluations, and training for all PdM IEDD/PF equipment and systems. STS provided subject matter expertise to Mine Rollers (SPARK, SPARK II, SPARK II Mod); Neutralization Systems (Rhino, C-System, Jackal); Entry Control Points (gates, barriers, electronic jamming equipment), and ground penetrating radar (GPR)/electromagnetic induction equipment (EMIE).