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Systems Engineering & Integration


  • Software Design and Development
  • Sensor Integration and Data Fusion
  • FMV, acoustic, seismic, RADAR, and GMTI integration
  • Developmental and Operational Testing
  • Platform Integration (air, ground vehicle, and watercraft)
  • Build to print designs and product optimization


  • US Army Research Lab
  • US Army Night Vision
  • Rapid Equipping Force
  • Office of Naval Research
  • US Army PEO IEWS
  • US Army Medical Department


Homeland Security System/Camera Aided Monitoring System (HLSS/CAMS) STS designed, developed and deployed the HLSS/CAMS system, which combines advanced, high-resolution detection sensors with long and medium-range thermal and EO/IR sensors providing FOB Base Defense Operations Center (BDOC) personnel with real-time target acquisition data and streaming imagery for early detection and quick response to possible threats.

Virtual Interactive Training and Assessment System (VITAS) STS developed an integrated, computer-based critical skills trainer and evaluation system to assess medical student performance in high-stress environments with task trainers integrated with dynamic physiology models. Read more about this project under the Instructional Design section.