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Communications Engineering


  • Requirements, Network and Architecture Design
  • SECURE Wireless and Terrestrial Networks
  • Turn-key mission based systems
  • Short and Long Haul Systems
  • Custom solutions
  • Communication Products


  • US Army CECOM
  • US Navy NAVSEA
  • US Army Rapid Equipping Force
  • Intelligence Community


Homeland Security System/Camera Aided Monitoring System (HLSS/CAMS) In support of the US Army, STS designed, developed and deployed a situational awareness system which fused multiple inputs (video, voice, GMTI, sensors) and disseminated real-time, actionable information across secure infrastructure to include dynamic multi-frequency secure wireless and fiber.

Maritime Domain Awareness Systems (MDAS) Working on behalf of the US Navy, STS participated in the development of an instrumented maritime domain awareness testbed to evaluate the fusion of multiple long range maritime surveillance radars by networking native data formats of various radars over point-to-point large, bandwidth microwave over varying terrain (shore, littoral, and open water) via links to a common command center in order to fuse data in one common operating picture (COP).
Wireless Area Secure Platforms (WASP) In support of the Department of Defense, STS developed and delivered a rapidly deployable WAN platform system to enable, low signature, self-healing SECURE wireless networks for expeditionary and temporary wireless network in both developed and austere environments.
Wide Area Reconnaissance Systems (WARS) STS has also developed a wide area, secure, mesh-networked ground surveillance application linked by an elevated aerostat network hub.