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C4ISR/Force Protection Systems


  • Advanced Research & Development for Expeditionary Tactical Surveillance and Detection Systems to include land-based and maritime (surface and sub-surface) system: EO/IR, RADAR, SONAR, Acoustic, and Seismic Systems
  • Software Engineering & Development
  • Integration, Operational Test & Evaluation
  • Installation, training, and sustainment support solutions
  • Secure Communications (Wireless/Meshed)
  • Biometrics


  • US Army PM Force Protection Systems
  • US Army Special Forces Units
  • US Army Rapid Equipping Force
  • US Navy Naval Surface Warfare Center
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Department of Defense, Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office


Homeland Security System/Camera Aided Monitoring System (HLSS/CAMS) STS designed, developed and deployed the HLSS/CAMS system, which combines advanced, high-resolution detection sensors with long and medium-range thermal and EO/IR sensors providing FOB Base Defense Operations Center (BDOC) personnel with real-time target acquisition data and streaming imagery for early detection and quick response to possible threats.

Entry Control Portal/ Non-Intrusive Inspection Systems (ECP/NIIS) STS is highly experienced in the testing, operation and maintenance of these systems which scan incoming vehicles, cargo and personnel for contraband, weapons, or Improved Explosive Devices (IEDs).
Surface and Subsurface Surveillance System (Quad S) STS developed and integrated this port security system on behalf of the US Navy. Quad-S is a dual-purpose, waterside and landside sensor surveillance system employing an integrated suite of SONARs, RADARs, imagers, hand-held biometrics, command and control stations, and an enterprise security software in a ‘system-of-systems’ approach to fuse multiple data sources into a common operating picture.
Outpost Surveillance System (OSS) and Universal Biometrics Translator (UBT) STS managed two rapid development and fielding initiatives for USASOC through the design, development, testing, demonstration, production, delivery, and training of personnel for a family of reconnaissance and surveillance systems comprising the OSS and UBT systems.