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Advanced RDT&E/Concept Development


  • Discovery, development and integration of state of the art technologies
  • Pre-production / Low-Rate production prototyping
  • Advanced power system management
  • Developmental and Operational Testing
  • Platform Integration (air, ground vehicle, and watercraft)
  • Build-to-print designs and product optimization


  • US Army TARDECTechnology (STTC)
  • US Army Night Vision Electronic Sensor Directorate
  • Office of Naval Research
  • Naval Surface Warfare Center
  • US Army RDECOM
  • US Army PEO EIS


Camera Aided Monitoring System (CAMS) STS designed, developed and deployed this networked EO/IR camera system to provide near real time situational awareness to the warfighter.
V-BASS STS developed state of the art personnel protective ballistic armor systems to protect personnel and commercial vehicles.
LWIT STS valuated technologies to assess, detect and alarm covert intrusions in littoral/maritime areas of interest.
Biometrics STS participated in the next generation design and development of biometric matching systems.
Virtual Interactive Training and Assessment System (VITAS) STS developed an integrated, computer-based critical skills trainer and evaluation system to assess medical student performance in high-stress environments with task trainers integrated with dynamic physiology models.