U.S. Army: Mobile
Readiness Trainer

STS worked with the US Army Research, Development, and Engineering Command (RDECOM) Simulation and Technology Training Center (STTC) and PEO STRI Assistant Project Manager (APM) MedSim to design, develop, test, deliver, and sustain the Mobile Readiness Trainer. The Mobile Readiness Trainer (MRT) was STS’ mobile Synthetic Training Solution designed to train warfighters in conducting trauma care under fire.


Our mission at STS was to provide realistic a training environment for warfighters to practice and refine their combat medic skills under battlefield conditions. STS achieved mission success with the development of the MRT, a mobile simulation training platform with command and control nodes, high fidelity surveillance towers, multiple patient simulators and battlefield/special effects. At the hub of the MRT was STS’ Virtual Interactive Training and Assessment System (VITAS) - VITAS is a computer-based, interactive, multimedia simulation platform and training aid that provides dynamic and challenging scenarios for multiple learning environments. The unique VITAS features include a self-paced learning mode, diagnostic feedback, intelligent tutoring, and user performance tracking and measurement. STS’ developed the MRT solution to meet the following mission objectives: to reduce the manpower needed to conduct training and simulation exercises, to provide automated training apparatus to soldiers on-site at their locale, to support the “anytime, anywhere” training model, and to maximize number of soldiers trained.


◆ Synthetic Training Solution
◆ Task Trainers
◆ Mobile, Remote, and Video-Based Training
◆ Serious Gaming
◆ Instructional Design
◆ Post Exercise Review


STS met these objectives and achieved mission success with the MRT. Our approach automated the functions required to conduct simulation exercises, thereby reducing manpower and cost and maximized number of warfighters trained anytime, anywhere. Due to the success of the MRT/VITAS capabilities with the U.S. Army Department of Combat Medic Training (DCMT) and the USMC Field Medical Training Battalion (FMTB), the Army requested STS to deliver the MRT capability to the Fort Hood Medical Simulation Training Center (MSTC) for further application. They also selected STS to be the premiere simulation integrator of the Camp Lejeune Medical Simulation Center of Excellence. STS has provided support to the systems such as hardware refurbishment and software updated on an as needed basis for six years. We assessed the MRT to be at a Technology Readiness Level 7 based on the GAO Best Practices Technology Assessment Guide.

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